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We would like to ensure that our guests are fully covered for medical emergencies in the unlikely event that this will be needed, including medical evacuation coverage to a centre of medical excellence. Our boats will have basic medical kits on board.  Our staff will be able to attend to minor medical emergencies and we will be able to access paramedical expertise if the need arises. We are equipped with a satellite telephone and radio for possible urgent situations.  Please ensure that all medical and travel insurance contact and membership numbers are filled in below. Please provide phone numbers with the necessary international dialing codes that can be dialed from Botswana.

Name and Surname                            


E-mail Address           

Date of birth                                

Mobile Phone        

Passport Number                           

Country of Issue       

Medical Aid Company                       

Medical Aid Policy Number

Medical Aid Emergency Phone Number 


Please ensure that medical evacuation is covered by your medical aid and you supply a phone number that can be called from Botswana

Travel Insurance and Phone Number

Travel Insurance Policy Number

Emergency contact person

Emergency Contact Phone Number

Doctors Name:                                      

Doctors Phone Number

Medical Allergies (e.g. penicillin)

 Medical Conditions (e.g. diabetes)

Arrival Date, Time & Flight number                    

Departure Date, Time & Flight number

Please enter any special dietary or other requests below.  If you are driving to Maun please let us know.

I do hereby indemnify North West Investments Pty Ltd T/A River Safaris, its holding and subsidiary and associated companies, and each and every shareholder, director, employee, agent and/or representative of North West Investments Pty Ltd T/A River Safaris, it’s holding and subsidiary and associated companies, individually and collectively hereinafter referred to as “River Safaris”. This indemnity includes, but is no way limited to, the following clauses:


1.                I acknowledge and accept that I am entering a wildlife area, that I will be travelling by boat over uneven waters and potentially hazardous terrain, that I will be staying in unfenced camp sites, and that my safari might take or bring me into close contact or vicinity of wild and dangerous animals,

2.                I acknowledge and accept full responsibility for all minors and those incapable, to be in the care and under strict supervision of a sane and knowledgeable adult at all time on land, when in the boat and in close vicinity to wild animals and dangerous animals and in wild life areas or at any other given time it may be deemed fit for supervision,

3.                I acknowledge and accept that my venture will include travelling to and from certain destinations within the wildlife areas and in the event that an incident occurs, the undertaking of this indemnity, I entirely do so at my own risk and responsibility.

4.                I acknowledge and exempt River Safaris from all and any liability and waiver all and any claims, of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising, which may arise form any cause whatsoever during the period of my safari, including travelling to, from and within wildlife areas

5.                I acknowledge and agree not to hold River Safaris against all and any claim of whatsoever nature arising from any cause during the period of my venture, including all travelling to, from and within wildlife areas, which any one or more of my dependants or any third party may have, including but not limited to, claims arising from death, personal injury or loss or damage to my possessions,

6.                I acknowledge and agree to the River Safaris Terms and Conditions of booking and Safety on Safari as set out in two separate documents of that name and appended hereto, and any other regulations which may be brought to my attention during my period of my safari,

7.                I acknowledge and accept that it is my sole responsibility to wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat and that it is my sole responsibility that any minors under my care wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or death. I accept that River Safaris takes no responsibility or claims arising from failure to do so.

8.                The Trans Okavango safaris normally run from May to November during high water levels only. In the unlikely event that we experience low water levels or blockages in the channels, it may not be possible to reach Maun or Sepupa (depending on the direction of the safari). In this case you will return to the starting point at the end of your total stay in the Delta.

9.                I acknowledge, accept and understand the content, meaning and effect of the content herein and those of the safety on safari and appended documents attached.

10.             You would require the necessary physical agility to board and disembark boats in natural wetland areas, The Okavango Delta.

 I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to all terms and conditions set out in our waiver and indemnity conditions above. Please type Yes/No:

Safari Date


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